Activating Classrooms with Digital Content

Tuesday, June 8, from 11:00-12:00 and 1:15-2:15 in Senate Room
This session will focus on how to effectively incorporate audio, video, and photographs into classroom instruction to enhance content. Participants will investigate vlogging (video blogs), flickr and Shutterfly (online photo sharing services), in addition to other online services making it easy to engage students through multimedia.


Today's Example: The Star Spangled Banner

Create your own video slideshow at

A few key points...
Make curriculum engaging and meaningful, personalize learning for each student, and create communities of learners. ~Dianne Ferguson, Teaching Each and Every One

Lecture is good, interactive lecture is better!
*Add visual interest with photos
--Find photos on flickr using the advanced search for Creative Commons licensing

*Personal photos tend to be the most significant, memorable, meaningful
--Digital photos can be taken with computers, cameras, cell phones, and iPods.

Sharing (aka communication with parents) just got easier.
*Using sites like Shutterfly or flickr can make it easy to share your classroom projects.

Video is great for attention, and attention is the new gold. (Seth Godin)
*Find video on sharing sites like YouTube, TeacherTube, Vimeo, etc. or from subscription services like Discovery streaming and Learn360.
*Award winning video created entirely on a cell phone

*Kick up your slideshow by embedding video, or at least adding audio.
--Slideshare and Audacity make it easy to connect a powerpoint with audio explanation.
--Moviemaker and iMovie are easy to utilize and included with most computers.

*Let's create a vlog right now!
--First, we'll need our video.
--Next, we'll want to upload it to a feed.
--Finally, we can invite folks to subscribe to our RSS.

Congratulations! You've just activated your classroom with digital content!