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Animoto is a web application that creates videos from the user's own images and music in a simple process, that begins with the upload of the user's images, i.e. photos. Animoto can be an interesting way to present a nonlinguistic representation.

See an example at the bottom of this page.
Students can:
  • create vocabulary videos using images and the text feature
  • create a video to showcase a final product
  • create a photo character map by finding pictures that represent a character in a book and uploading them into an Animoto presentation, then selecting the appropriate music and adding text to explain why these images represent the character
  • take a series of digital pictures illustrating how they completed a project, then upload them to Animoto with text to describe each step in the process
The site offers some free music for use.
Text can also be added.
Because the final product is a video, this could initially be blocked by some firewalls.
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