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What's on the Horizon? Online Jigsaw using Google Forms

Resources: SD Ed Tech Standards 2009 Horizon Report

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Partnership for 21st Century Skills Framework SD Educational Technology Standards
The Digital Student and The Digital Teacher

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Simultaneous Bookmarking Elsewhere

If you've used other web-based bookmarking services before, you may still wish to keep adding your bookmarks to those as well. With Diigo, we make this very easy for you, So you can now take full advantage of Diigo's power without giving up your old services. To simplify the workflow and support effort, we now offer only the online bookmarking services with API and your local browser folder (see below). Go to toolbar Diigo ┬╗Options ┬╗ Bookmark & Highlight tab ┬╗ Bookmark Elsewhere section, click "Setup Accounts" link. Set up the services you want to simultaneously add your bookmarks to, and Diigo will take care of the rest.
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Developing a Personal Learning Plan

    1. ISTE-T Standards
    2. ISTE-CST Standards
    3. ISTE- Technology Facilitation Standards

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