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Ask yourself:
  • What is the probability of this resource for user-generated challenges?
  • What is the likelihood for this resource to cause inappropriate exposure?
  • What are the kids saying about this resource?


Read Footprints in the Digital Age and highlight three key sections using Awesome Highlighter. Then, post your highlighted article on our shared wiki page.

Get your own Internet license here!

And check out this South Dakota developed project--MyFootprintSD!

Sound Bytes

December 2005/January 2006 | Volume 63 | Number 4
Learning in the Digital Age Pages 39-43
Foiling Cyberbullies in the New Wild West

September 2009 | Volume 67 | Number 1
Teaching for the 21st Century Pages 85-86
Taking the Digital Plunge
To put it simply, our students have no trouble connecting, but no one has taught them about the power of these connections. Although tweens and teens may be comfortable using digital tools to build networks, few are using those networks to pursue meaningful personal growth. Our challenge as teachers is to identify ways that students can use these tools for learning.