Extreme Makeover: Unit Edition

Session Description: On the popular TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, host Ty Pennington helps families to improve their living conditions. In this session, participants are invited to improve their classroom learning conditions by bringing in an existing lesson or unit for a 21st century makeover. Come join the fun in this digital make and take session to get help incorporating 21st century skills, effective instructional strategies, Web 2.0 technologies, and formative assessment techniques!

Link to Common Craft "In Plain English" videos

21st Century Skills, 5:00-5:30

Effective Instructional Strategies, 5:30-7:00

Web 2.0 Technologies, 7:00-7:30

  • Problem Solving
  • Global Collaboration
  • Authentic Experiences

Formative Assessment Techniques, 7:30-8:00